How professional photography can help sell your home

home-photographyDo you know photos can be sold for millions? A clearly taken photo is an easy way to carry information to many people all over the world. The best of photos are taken by professional photographers who have skills on how to best take photos and experience in getting the best shots.


One does not need an agent to sell his home. Pictures of the home to be sold can be taken and distributed all over the internet for potential customers to see. One can personally take the photos and post them in the internet but this can lower the valuation of the home. So the obvious question is whether professional photography is necessary


The answer is obviously yes. To sell a home at the exact price you want one may consider hiring professionals to do that work. Professional photographers are more in control on what they will capture and usually produce high quality photos. Homes that have used professional photography are usually sold out first and at a higher price compared to homes with amateur photos.


Almost 90 percent of people who buy homes do an online research on potential homes in the internet. So the first impression before they consider buying any homes is the photos they see uploaded. Poorly taken photos discourage potential buyers even if the house is actually of good quality.

A professionally taken photo is usually of high quality highlighting all the good features of the house. It is likely to be selected first by buyers and its price is usually higher. The cost of hiring a professional photographer may look an extra cost but usually is paid for in excess with the higher pricing of the house due to the high quality of the photos.
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The Importance of using Photos for Search Engine Marketing

Small businesses need to take advantage of anything that increases their website traffic. This is why photos are so important for a small business utilizing search engine marketing. The following are a few key concepts to keep in mind regarding photos and how they help websites rank better on the major search engines today.

Photos add Interest

Well crafted online images make visitors interested in exploring web pages and increase the likelihood of bookmarking to return again. Having a well chosen image will get your pages noticed by the search engine image listings. Often times an image will rank individually higher on the search engines, than the actual website itself will.
Another reason that photos help with search engine marketing is their ability to draw attention directly. When you website listing comes up with an associated picture, people are more likely to click on the photo. Statistics show that this is true many times over and websites with regularly updated photos will rank better on all the major search engines. Keep in mind, that your website images need to be named properly and tagged accurately. Otherwise they will be useless and unreadable by the search engines for relevance.

Photographs Tell Your Marketing Story

Finally, all small businesses should use photos to showcase their products and let customers see exactly what they are ordering. This is especially important for online retailers and anyone with a large catalog of merchandise. Having photos makes a distinction about your product quality, because most consumers trust a website with information and a relevant photo of merchandise being purchased.
All these aspects are important concepts, when placing photos on websites for small businesses trying to create successful campaigns for search engine marketing purposes. Images can be used to create visitor interest, draw attention to websites, clearly organize retail products and increase search engine ranking.

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4 Marketing Tips for Moving Businesses

Small Business Marketing and Marketing Photography is about standing out from the crowd and impressing your customers and would be customers.

We have composed a list of 5 things you can do to help your business stand out from the crowd.

1. Be Interesting Add content to your website that readers are interested in. Be sure your content is unique and tells a story. Add quirky / interesting information that the reader can remember you by.

2. Add visual interest. Adding photography to your website or blog add visual interest. Most people are visual learners and obtain more information from pictures, videos and info graphics. A Recent study in this was for a Vancouver movers in where the original website had no images and as soon as we added a couple of images to their website  - it not only helped break up content – but it also added more visual interest. This long distnace?moving company gained more click throughs and website traffic from just a few photographs

3. Find the customer need. It may sound sound simple but if you can identify your customers need or problem and explain the need back to them with the solution or service you have to offer – you are building up an understanding between you and your potential custome. One of our favourite examples of this is one of the top rated vancouver moving companies.

4. Reinforce Your Brand.   If you’d like to turn a quick website visit into a long term customer or sales lead, then make a point of finding a way to continue the conversation. Get their contact information, via website contact form, or product or promotional give away. Try to identify areas that are ripe for follow-up. Perhaps you can send them an e-Newsleter or even a personalized email  they’d be interested in or congratulate them when their favorite team wins over the weekend. The more exposure they have to you, the more likely they are to remember you and your company.

Making a strong impression is critical to your business success. By following these techniques, you can be sure people will take note.